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Boodarie Strategic Industrial Area

urbanplan and WorleyParsons on behalf of LandCorp
prepared the Boodarie Strategic Industrial Area Concept
Plan, to facilitate release of the industrial land in
Port Hedland.

The purpose of this Boodarie Strategic Industrial Area
Concept Plan is to facilitate down stream industrial
development and to create a functional strategic
industrial area linked to the Port with adequate
infrastructure corridors.

As the future of BSIA unfolds in the current world
economy, the strategic estate is earmarked for
significant Iron Ore downstream industries, and as
such will have different planning and usage
constraints. Without appropriate access to the port,
the types of industry that can be located in the
BSIA become limited. The infrastructure corridors,
such as those for the conveyor alignments into the
area from train unloading and the conveyors to ship
loaders, are integral to the planning outcome.