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Clarendon Street Derby: Philosophy of Design

The objectives of the Clarendon Street Town Centre enhancement
are to:

The philosophy of approach focused on developing
strategiesto increase transactions amongst all
users of the town centre. The strategies
comprise: Diversity, Intensity, Employment and
Accessibility. Increased transactions add value,
increase vitality and accommodate growth.

Pedestrian movement between convenience retail
uses helps identify the focus of a Town Centre.
Convenience uses generate the greatest movement
of people along and across the street. Vibrancy
of town centre space is improved by promoting
transactions or activity through increased
concentration of uses both convenience and

Active space and streetscapes improve retail
exposure. Improved retail exposure inturn
improves vibrancy and security of space. The
more people transact in Town Centre space, the
safer and more secure the space becomes helping
to reduce antisocial behaviour.

Safe places encourage use and movement,
confidence and growth in retail expenditure
improving returns to the Town Centre. Visitors
to town are more likely to extend their stay
if they feel comfortable in the environment.
Accordingly, people places need to be created
at people scale: an environment that makes
people feel comfortable and more inclined to
stay longer and undertake more transactions
of all kinds.