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Januburu SIX SEASONS Broome

This development has received the Urban Development
Institute Urban Sustainability Award for Excellence

On behalf of LandCorp and in mutual engagement with
Traditional Owners, urbanplan designed a 380 Lot
subdivision including an Environmental Cultural
Corridor to create a strong connection to Country
and effect a robust subdivision design. At the
request of the Traditional Owners, and following
the outcomes of the 1997 Town Planning for Aboriginal
Culture project, the subdivision design applies an ECC
that recognises an existing cultural trail, now named
Magurr, which translates to Animal Track. Continuous
engagement of Aboriginal people enabled expression
of culture and heritage through landscape design.

As a result, the ECC has the functions of linking existing
local parks and Primary Schools to Minyirr Coastal Park,
a most significant place to the Indigenous people,
providing a Flora and Fauna with swale drainage to
detain stormwater flows.

Januburu (Lit. our country) SIX SEASONS is classified as
LandCorp’s Benchmark projects in the achievement of
sustainable, environmental, economic and culturally
responsive design outcomes