Click here for an enlarged size of the Lyon and Kinley Roads Submission to Commission.

Lyon and Kinley Submission to Commission

This site specific Submission, on behalf of 16
co-ordinated landowners, responds to the
Sub-Regional Objectives (18 to 43: 2015) in the
South Metropolitan Sub-Regional Planning Framework
and pertains to the site, situation and environmental
characteristics, capability and suitability relative
to the key planning framework principles.

urbanplan's Submission concurred with the pursuit of
the key planning framework principles as applied to
the subject land and demonstrates evidence to test
the reactivity of Jandakot groundwater mound SPP 2.3,
as this Policy can be appropriately managed for the
subject site.

Relative to the Perth & Peel @ 3.5 Million Planning
Framework documents, the Submission demonstrates: