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Swanbourne: A Village Within

The purpose of the planning report was to substantiate
to the Cottesloe Council a proposed Scheme Amendment
to increase the residential density coding from R20 to
R80. The planning report pertains to the specific site,
however, necessitates analysis of the site in the
context of the Swanbourne Village as the proposal
forms part of that local centre. In effect, the
proposal represents a strata village within a village.

The aim of the Scheme Amendment is to justify the
proposed mixed use, medium scaled, urban, built form,
strata village while achieving the outcomes and
objectives of the Perth & Peel @3.5 Million
Metropolitan Central Sub-region Strategy. The emphasis
being to exemplify consolidation of urban form at
existing inner suburban centres on transport corridors.
The proposed development emulates Swanbourne
Village's character by referencing potential
residential densities within the local centre, mixed
use composition, height, bulk, scale, orientation and
appearance of built form.

The proposed development comprises 13 residential
dwellings, two small offices and a performance studio.
The modular layout positioned around a courtyard is
respectful to and in conformity with the existing
character of the Swanbourne Village core and
sympathetic to the surrounding residential