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Swanbourne Village transit oriented development

urbanplan delivered a positive outcome for a transit
oriented proposal through a Scheme Amendment
process that substantiated to the Town Council
of Cottesloe an increase the residential
density coding to enable a 13 unit modular
development. The Scheme Amendment Submission
necessitated detailed analysis of the site
and situation in the context of the whole
Swanbourne Village as the proposal forms part
of that local centre. To further substantiate
the Scheme Amendment, a Local Development Plan
detailed the final development form.

The subject land is situated at the southwest
corner of the Swanbourne Village at the
intersection of Congdon Street 80 metres from
the Swanbourne railway station and presents as
an exemplar transit oriented development

To respond to the changing local market and
enable aging in place, the proposed development
comprises a variety of one, two and three bedroom
units in a cluster of individual building modules
around a courtyard setting. The development
ranges from one to four levels, two of which are
underground, and presents as a two to three
storey fa├žade to Railway and Congdon Streets
with underground parking and rooftop gardens.
The siting of the modules is in response to:

The development is contextually scaled urban
built form that relates well to the Cottesloe
and Claremont local planning schemes and
strategies applied to Swanbourne Village
and emulates state strategic planning policy
and Metroplan initiatives.