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Two Territories: Aboriginal Community Planning

The planning of Indigenous Communities crosses two

The aim of the Papunya and Hermannsburg community
planning projects was to create plans with the
Community Traditional Owners and Senior Residents
to facilitate progressive growth of the Aboriginal
communities. The planning required the
concurrence of the Department of Lands and
Planning and the Central Lands Council.

To achieve endorsement of the Plans and avoid
misunderstandings about the meaning and
application of Area Plans and Zones, and the
relationship to Country and inclusion of
traditional Cultural attributes, warrants
engagement of a reasonable representation of
Senior Residents and those Traditional Owners
that speak for Country.

At the community engagement level, it was
necessary to ensure the Community Residents
understood the purpose of the Area Plans and
meaning of Planning Zones and Permitted Uses
with each zone:

urbanplan was able to successfully conclude the
Papunya and Hermannsburg community projects by
creating Plans for acceptance by the local
Community Board for advertising purposes.